Birthday Boy

it was Joe’s first birthday last week. We were up in Ubon so there were plenty of Kids everywhere. Even with a snotty nose he managed a big smile.

Joe's Birthday

Sorry! it’s been a while

Sorry its been rather a long times since I updated Littlevass. About two weeks ago Kwan and I went to a friends wedding. its was Joe’s first time in a tie he looked so hansom.

At the Wedding

Then last weekend Ben came to stay and for the first time they played nicely together without getting upset. We even had a nice dinner!

Out for Dinner

Pictures to Hide From

Potty Time!

When I saw Kwan taking these pictures, all I could think of was poor Joe. Can you imagine when he has his first girlfriend and Mum gets out the photo Album, opens it up, and she sees this!

All together

All I ever wanted was a little girl!

Dindan arrived last week for his summer vacation. Then Ben arrived for 5 days. As you can imagine the house was chaose. Kwan and I have never been so tired, but we had a pretty good time.

A nice weekend

Joe is nearly 5 months old now and can sit up on his own. We bought him a set of wheels to play in last week. Kwan thought he wouldn’t be able to use them for a few months but how wrong she was. He is already pushing himself around the room at quite a speed.



This weekend Ben came to stay and took great delight in pushing Joe around. It was lovely to see them playing together.